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Greg Abbott Goes After 'Liberal' Lupe Valdez

Ryan Poppe | Texas Public Radio
TPR News
Greg Abbott

Before the runoff election, Texas GOP governor ramps up his attack

Editor's note: Mike Ward, who appeared on this podcast, was a reporter for the Houston Chronicle whose reporting was called into question in August, 2018. Although the podcasts were primarily analysis of current events, in the interest of disclosure, we thought it wise to include this information.
The Houston Chronicle retracted eight reports and issued corrections in multiple others, saying they were based on fabricated information, after an outside investigation revealed 44 percent of people quoted in Ward’s stories did not appear to exist. 
Ward resigned earlier this year while the investigation was underway.

The Democratic runoff for governor is a week away, but incumbent Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has already declared war on the candidate he wants to run against.

In a new website, Abbott is blasting away at Lupe Valdez for being "too liberal for Texas."

Forget that Valdez still has to win the May 22 runoff with Houston entrepreneur Andrew White, in a race that both candidates seem to believe has tightened in recent weeks, if their intensified campaigning is any clue.

Remember that Abbott jumped the gun several weeks ago bypicking Valdez to win the runoff, a move that quickly drew cries from White that the guv was short-circuiting the upcoming vote.

Valdez quickly responded to Abbott's latest blast: "I'm right for the new Texas."

Just as Abbott and Valdez aren't playing well together, even before the governor's race for November officially begins, neither are an array of other Texas politicians who are fighting over DACA and getting nasty and personal in congressional runoffs.

Aside from that, a new question has arisen in Austin: Where's Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, an outgoing high-profile guy who's been missing from the public eye in recent weeks. Call in, Dan, and let us know what's up.

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With Scott Braddock, editor of the Quorum Report, and Mike Ward, Austin Bureau chief for the Houston Chronicle, with special guest Ryan Poppe, Texas Public Radio's capitol reporter.

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