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Voter Registration In Bexar County Hits Historic High

David Martin Davies | Texas Public Radio

Voter registration has reached an all-time high in Bexar County.  Elections officials are now preparing for what they hope will be a record turnout, as well.

Bexar County Elections Administrator Jacquelyn Callanen says the number of registered Bexar County voters has now topped the million mark with 1,036,547, and those signing up as Tuesday’s deadline approached are still being counted.

“It’s phenomenal,” said Callanen on Wednesday.  “In this last week we went to extended hours.  We were open on the weekend for walk-ins.  We stayed open late this week and the walk-in traffic was something like we’ve never seen.”

Callanen credits the surge on several factors:  a population explosion in Bexar County and Texas; 14 local candidates or issues that are drawing pockets of interest; and the highly charged presidential election for a first time president that sometimes has the entertainment draw of a TV reality show.

“When we have a first-term president or a non-incumbent our numbers have always been bigger,” she said.

Callanen says her office is now preparing for the extra voters who will show up at the polls.  She’s urging voters to take advantage of early voting which begins October 24.  Her office has increased the number of early voting sites from 32 to 43.  She hopes to keep the lines moving on Election Day by adding additional voting booths at many locations.