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Planned Parenthood Releases Independent Study Of Undercover Videos

Planned Parenthood

Hoping to clear its name, Planned Parenthood has released an independent study that alleges a series of hidden videos of the group’s executives were altered and that Planned Parenthood has not profited from its fetal tissue collection program in other states.
Dawn Leguens with Planned Parenthood’s national office said through analysis provided by the research firm Fusion GPS, they are now able to prove the Center for Medical Progress doctored the videos before posting them online.
“And they found that these videos, as we have maintained, were heavily edited," said Leguens. "These leading experts looked at the videos that found multiple incidents of deceptive editing that completely changes the meaning of what Planned Parenthood executives actually said."
Texas lawmakers have begun a series of investigative hearings on the videos. But Leguens said since none of the clinics in Texas participate in a tissue collection program, holding such a hearing was futile.
“We don’t actually do fetal tissue donation, or have a fetal tissue donation program in Texas, so it’s very unclear what they would be investigating," Leguens explained.
Leguens said the organization would not be participating in the Legislature’s investigative hearing.