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What Do You Want Your Lawmakers To Accomplish?

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State lawmakers who begin meeting in Austin on Tuesday have agendas they plan to pursue.  Some Texans have their wish lists as well.  What issues do you want your Texas legislators to tackle during the 140-day session?  Texas Public Radio wants to hear from you.   Here’s what some of you are telling us:  

--Adrianna Cabrera

"Education is always a priority. It should be, for any community. I’m concerned about our infrastructure. I-35 is a terrible, terrible, terrible experience. And I think lastly, water. Which, obviously should be everyone’s concern in this city, about, you know, how we’re going to get our water down the road. Especially with the growth of the city, and the expansions that City Council wants to do. I would say those three are pretty much the top of my list. 

--Steve Butler

"I’m a CPA and I’m interested in the Texas Franchise tax. It needs to be revised, and it’s poorly administered. It makes it hard on us, and I’m hoping to see some improvements. I have a feeling it will change because of the makeup of the new legislature. I just don’t know if it’ll be changed for the better or the worse. Hoping for the better." 

-Barbara Stover

"I’m really hopeful that they’ll put their emphasis on education and water because I think those are two big issues." 

-Kusama Rachel

Get rid of Staar testing. Grants for schools to encourage students to participate in academic competitions. (including charters) Better medical for seniors. it's ridiculous that they have to know terms like "donut hole" in reference to something other than a delicious pastry. 

-Dan (no last name)

I think the legislature should pass an automatic permanent increase in the Gas Tax. And fence these funds to be used only for transportation projects.