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Davis Campaign Coming To South Texas

Ryan Loyd
TPR News

Trying to woo the Latino vote, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis has announced several events in South Texas and El Paso.

Davis says she’s gotten to known South Texas over the legislative session, especially concerning issues like healthcare and border issues.

“As Governor I want to make sure the people in South Texas understand I will be a leader that doesn’t just come and ask them for their vote and then forget about what they care about," Davis says. "I will be a leader who works on the things that are important to them.”

Targeting the Latino vote has been an important tactic for both Republicans and Democrats. Professor Bruce Buchanan, who teaches political science at UT-Austin, says, “[Davis is] going to be in a very tough race against a very favored Republican, and Wendy Davis has the potential to beat that Republican only if she can mobilize substantial larger proportions of the Latino vote in places like the Valley and the rest of South Texas, so it’s vital that she not only take this trip but several just like it over the course of her campaign.” 

Buchanan says she will need to touch upon several key issues while visiting South Texas, including “the idea of accepting an expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare, which has been fervently resisted by the current governor." That's a policy that would likely continue if Abbott were to be elected, according to Buchanan.

Buchanan also says Davis will also explain how she plans to provide greater access to education, and her view on immigration policies.  Davis will be in El Paso on Halloween, then travels to Laredo in November, and ends her tour with stops in McAllen and Brownsville on November 5th and 6th.