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Davis Talks "Investing" At San Antonio Campaign Stop

Ryan Loyd
TPR News

Wendy Davis, the Texas senator who gained national attention with her filibuster against restrictive abortion laws, stopped in San Antonio just days after announcing her bid for governor.

And it may be no surprise that the Alamo City is on her list.

"San Antonio, of course, has an incredible story to tell about how much it values education, how much it values public-private partnerships that keep our economy strong," Davis said. "It's a shining example of what we want to see happening all over the state of Texas and it's one of the reasons that I'm running for governor."

Davis said the city is a mirror of her political philosophies, telling employees at Rackspace Cloud Computing on the Northeast Side that she agrees with the city council's recent passage of the controversial non-discrimination ordinance. Her comments also revealed her praises for measures like Pre-K 4 SA, which is in its first year of operation.

San Antonio is friendly territory for Davis since the area typically leans toward Democrats. Mayor Julián Castro, who introduced Davis to the Rackers -- the term used for the company's employees -- said a hearty, "Bienvenidos" and quickly told the crowd gathered that he supports Davis in this journey.

"Today I am very proud to stand here with Senator Davis and to endorse her for governor of Texas," he said.

Earlier, Davis received a personal walk-through of Rackspace with Dan Goodgame, VP of corporate communications, and John Duvall, customer experience liaison. The trio walked through the renovated space of what was once Windsor Park Mall.

During her speech, Davis talked about her personal story. She started working at the age of 14. She was married and divorced by the age of 19. She also raised her daughter as a single parent. But she went on to college and eventually Harvard Law School.

Taking a shot at the opposition

She said Texans deserve their own success story and that the current Republican leadership has failed.

"I'm asking you to be a part of investing and making sure that the journey you're on, the story that you can tell, is a story that can be told by Texans generation after generation after generation," she said.

The word "investing" became a theme and a criticism.

She took a swing at the GOP, and, indirectly, her main Republican challenger, Attorney General Greg Abbott.

"I feel very confident that people will invest in the future of Texas by investing in this race," she later said during a briefing with reporters.

Asked how she can match Abbott's campaign war chest, Davis said people are excited.

"We're already seeing tremendous contributions come in," she said. "I'm thrilled to be the person who they're putting their investment in, their faith in, and their vote in in November of next year."

Davis said she exceeded a one-day goal of $500,000 in contributions. The 50-year-old senator said she is realistic and knows the next 13 months will be difficult, but she also remains optimistic that she will be able to turn Texas around.

Rackspace co-founder Graham Weston said he does not endorse any candidates, but welcomes the opportunity for all candidates to speak and tour his company. He said he has reached out to Abbott, but is unsure the status of the invitation.