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Monthly Tax Payment Plan Coming Soon To Bexar County

Bexar County

Bexar County property owners will soon be able to pay their property taxes on a monthly basis rather than waiting until the end of the year in a move that should make things easier for people on fixed incomes. 

Seniors and disabled property owners have been able to use a four-payment program, paying smaller payments to the tax office from January through July.

Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector Albert Uresti said most property owners who pay their taxes directly to the county have had only two options to pay their taxes: Once a year or in half-payments.

Beginning in Oct. Bexar County will unveil a monthly payment plan.

"This monthly payment plan is unique in the State of Texas. We don't know that there are any others like it, but it is something that's never been tried in Bexar County," Uresti said. 

Uresti said the technology exists to change the tax payments program, so his office sent questionnaires to 15,000 taxpayers who use the four-payment plan.

"The response has been overwhelmingly positive," he said. "People are excited about this monthly payment, especially those that are on a fixed income."

Uresti said the computer system requires new programming and there will be new paperwork required for the monthly payments, but he believes it’s worth it.

The plan will be available to all taxpayers in 2014.