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21-year-old Hays County district clerk resigns, calling job 'incredibly stressful'

Gabriel C. Pérez

Hays County District Clerk Avrey Anderson resigned Friday amid proceedings over his potential removal. In his resignation letter, Anderson said the job had been “incredibly stressful.”

“It has taken a toll on my life to where I do not enjoy hardly anything anymore,” he wrote. “I do not believe it is good for justice and the courts for me to continue in my role currently.”

His resignation takes effect immediately.

Anderson, who graduated from Dripping Springs High School in 2021, unseated a three-term incumbent at only 19 years old.

At 19, Avrey Anderson defeated a three-term incumbent to become Hays County district clerk.
Hays County
At 19, Avrey Anderson defeated a three-term incumbent to become Hays County district clerk.

“Every move I have made since the beginning of my tenure has been under a microscope,” Anderson wrote. “I do not believe I am incompetent in executing specific statutory duties. I have made mistakes, but I do not believe leaving will prevent these mistakes from occurring. Hopefully someone older than me will be given the benefit of the doubt.”

In June, several staff members from Anderson's office, including the Hays County first assistant district attorney and a deputy clerk, accused Anderson in court of professional incompetence and negligence of his duties. A judge was set to rule on a possible suspension.

It wasn't the first time he’s come under scrutiny.

In September, District Attorney Kelly Higgins called Anderson unqualified, saying he was seen drinking tea and taking selfies during meetings and twirling in a district judge’s chair. He also claimed Anderson fired or replaced several experienced people in the District Clerk’s office and questioned his reasoning.

"Many within the Hays County legal community were concerned about Anderson's youth, inexperience, and failure to prepare for the role of District Clerk," Higgins said in September.

Anderson said he hoped he did some good and listed some changes he made while in office, mostly automating processes and enhancing communication systems.

“These efforts will be halted by my resignation, but I am sure that another clerk can figure these things out,” he said. “Perhaps one day I will be able to get back into the government sector but for now I believe it is best for the people of Hays County to have someone who hopefully attracts less negative attention to themselves.”

Anderson declined to comment at this time.

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