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Here's What Early Voting Looks Like In Texas Metro Cities

Voters in San Antonio line up at Lions Field Park on the first day of early voting during the 2020 Election.
Kathleen Creedon | Texas Public Radio
Voters in San Antonio line up at Lions Field Park on the first day of early voting during the 2020 Election.

Election department officials across Texas are enjoying large turnout numbers this week — and they know there's more to come thanks to the extended early voting period. More than 2.6 million Texans, about 15% of everyone registered in the state, voted as of Thursday.

Bexar County has seen 108,707 people turn out for in-person early voting as of Thursday night, not including mail-in ballots (about 56,000 according to the Texas Secretary of State's website).

With two weeks left, voters are on track to meet or surpass the total number of early ballots from 2016: 475,999. On Election Day in 2016, just an additional 122,692 voters came to the polls. About 57% of those registered voted in the Bexar County 2016 General Election.

Now, there are a record number of registered voters in the county: 1,181,842. With early and mail-in ballots counted so far, about 13% of registered Bexar County voters have cast ballots.

Travis County is also seeing an impressive turnout, with 16% of registered people having voted so far. KUT in Austin reports their in-person ballots are on par with 2016 data, but mail-in ballot numbers are doubled.

Over in Houston, voter turnout records are being broken. More than 100,000 votes have been cast each day of early voting between Tuesday and Thursday.

Harris County has also seen voter turnout at 16% so far.

North Texas is experiencing large turnout as well, and many people are voting for the first time.

Almost 15% of Dallas County voters have cast ballots as of Thursday.

Still, there are many Texans who wanted to vote by mail, but couldn't because of strict state rules. Early voting in Texas started on Tuesday this week, and will last until Oct. 30.

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Bri Kirkham can be reached at bri@tpr.org or on Twitter at @BriKirk