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Radiolab Host Comes to Laurie Auditorium

Jad Abumrad

Jad Abumrad, host and creator of the award-winning program, Radiolab, is coming to San Antonio on Sunday, Sept. 18, for a lecture at Trinity University’s Laurie Auditorium, presented by the Mind Science Foundation.

The lecture, “Gut Churn,” begins with a simple question: What does it mean to “innovate?” TPR's Eileen Pace had a chance to talk with Jad about his work with Radiolab and what has resulted in a three-year investigation into the science, philosophy and the art of uncertainty.

Jad Abumrahd comes to Laurie Auditorium Sunday evening.


Eileen Pace is a veteran radio and print journalist with a long history of investigative and feature reporting in San Antonio and Houston, earning more than 50 awards for investigative reporting, documentaries, long-form series, features, sports stories, outstanding anchoring and best use of sound.