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Capital Campaign

Texas Public Radio is in the process of updating and replacing our entire broadcast transmission system, which includes the antenna, transmission lines and transmitters for both KSTX and KPAC.  The first phase of the work, the replacement of the antenna and transmission lines, has been completed; however, we need to move forward with the replacement of the two transmitters. 

The life expectancy of these units is 25 years and we are reaching that limit. Though they are still operational, the breakdowns can be expected to occur more frequently, much like an old car.

In order to avert an imminent failure, we must replace these two critical broadcast elements by summer of 2013. With less than $100,000 to go, would you be willing to make an additional gift to help walk us across the finish line?

History: In early 2011, we urgently needed to replace our antenna and transmission systems.  Cox Media Group, the owner of the tower on which TPR leases space for its antenna, notified us that they would be building a new tower and "cutting down" the current tower that fall. 

Our 25-year-old antenna could not survive the move to the new tower. If not replaced by the time of the new tower’s erection and operation, we would've lost our ability to broadcast to our service area.

Less than one week later, the TPR Board approved a $750,000 capital campaign to replace the antenna, aging transmission systems and costs associated with this fundraising endeavor. The new equipment ensures our ability to continue broadcasting quality news and great classical music to our entire community for the next 20+ years. 

In addition, the new systems will be more reliable, require less maintenance and lower our annual utility costs. The Capital Campaign began immediately after the Board’s approval to proceed.

We pulled together a group of contributors consisting of the TPR Board (100%), TPR staff (100%), several local foundations, and generous area philanthropists. With enough capital funds raised to proceed with the antennae portion of the transmission system project, we purchased and installed the 10-bay FM Antenna, transmission line, the 2-station combiner and two back-up 4-bay antennae. Further, due to our higher position, less powerful transmitters are needed for KPAC and KSTX, thus saving electricity. This first phase was completed in early 2012.