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San Antonio Film Festival Set To Screen Seven Days of Cinema

The city's largest and longest-running film festival will open again in August.

The San Antonio Film Festival's producer Adam Rocha is a long-time lover of film and his enthusiasm can be infectious.  

"It's just incredible. If you love movies this is the place for you. If you love art this is definitely the place for you," Rocha says. "So come on out, it's definitely a family event."

If you've never been to a film festival, he says the event features events that run the gamut, starting with those designed for people who just like watching films.

"You can think of it as Sundance in San Antonio. It's 7 days of cinema. We have about a hundred and eighty films," Rocha explains.

For those looking to break into film or get a leg up in the industry, he says the festival's workshops can teach invaluable skills.  

"How you can get big time celebrities on your movie. How is it possible?  Or if you've never been in the movie industry, how you can get into the movie industry," he says.

Having worked as a high school  and college film teacher, Rocha's commitment to young filmmakers continues in this festival.

"This year we have two blocks of high school shorts.  I think we had 75 entries from high school filmmakers. And also we have two blocks of college filmmakers," he says.  

As to what this particular festival excels at, Rocha points to one thing.

"What we're known for worldwide is documentaries, and this year is no exception. We have an amazing line-up of documentaries," he says.

San Antonio Film Festival events take place at both the Tobin Center and the Pearl from August 1 to 6, including free family night at the Pearl Studio.

Rocha points out with satisfaction the days of film as an exclusive endeavor by a small circle have long since passed.

"Obviously, it's just telling a story, and everybody has a story," he says.

He hopes the San Antonio Film Festival empowers people to find their own voice in film. 

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