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Stevie Ray, Hendrix And America's Pastime: Your Weekend Is Here!

If you're looking for something to do this weekend, turns out there's lots of rock-n-roll, plus a surprising bit of history. The Bullock Museum's Kate Betz says their Austin museum, will be rockin' this weekend, and she suggests you come a knockin'.

"The exhibit Pride and Joy, the Texas Blues of Stevie Ray Vaughn is opening at the Bullock State History Museum this weekend."

I noted that it's curated not just by some stuffy museum person, but someone who knew Vaughn well.

"That is absolutely right. It is curated by Stevie's older brother, Jimmie Vaughn," Kate Betz says.

The exhibit is quite large, but as to what you can expect to see, Betz lays it out.

"A number of guitars including Vaughn's No. 1 Fender Stratocaster, a lot of early family photos, stage outfits, including of course, some iconic hats, hand-written lyrics.  There's an interactive where you can learn the drums from Chris Layton, and there's an interactive where you can try out guitar pedals to see what Stevie did to mix that really unique sound that he had," Betz says.

That's the Bullock Museum in Austin this weekend.

Back in San Antonio--baseball--it's the all-American game, right?

"That's what they normally say here in the states. We might have a little different take on it," says Institute of Texan Cultures Education Specialist Greg Garrett. He says its origins may not be so American.

"Germans were familiar with ball-and-stick games. Both of them migrated across the Atlantic and found a home in Texas. How Germans kind of used it not only as an assimilation tool but just as easily, as a safe haven for their communities."

This all is part of The Institute of Texan Cultures free Second Sundays.

"We're free that day. We have free parking, 12 'til 4."

The entire rest of the museum is open as well. Also on Sunday, while it's true you can't go see Hendrix play anymore, you can go hear former band member Billy Cox play in what's called Experience Hendrix. Also playing Hendrix's music at the Majestic Theatre are Buddy Guy, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Jonny Lang and Dweezil Zappa.

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