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Voices For The Ages Come Together At Concert

There's a new CD and two performances this weekend for an unlikely trio of singers. They're called Las Tesoros. Why unlikely? First off, these ladies' ages.

"Being 92, and the baby being 79 and the middle being 82, I pray every day that we be able to keep them," says  Amelia Valdez is describing Las Tesoros.

They're Rita Vidaurri, Beatriz Llamas, and Blanca Rodríguez, and at one time they each were singers who were superstars in many parts of the world.  

"Singing with Cantinflas in Mexico, Tintan, traveling all over the world, one of the first women to ever sing in Madison Square Garden," Valdez says.

Their careers date back as far as the 1940s, and to become famous they hit the road to Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia back in a time when women just didn't do that.  

"Back in the day they were competing with each other, and now they've come together as one group, which is Las Tesoros."

Another superstar--Lydia Mendoza--suggested years ago they get together to sing, and for the last 11 years, they have, off and on. They've just completed a second CD of music, and are performing this weekend at the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center.

"They'll be here Saturday, accompanying them about nine musicians. A harp, a guitarron, a trumpet, violins. It's like an orchestra. They'll be here Saturday at 6, and then Sunday they'll be here at 3," she says.

These women didn't become stars by being shrinking violets. They were fiercely talented.

"They sing from the heart. Very comforting that women like this have such great voices," Valdez says. 

All three of Las Tesoros have West Side roots, a fact that they're very proud of. 

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