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Guadalupe Offers Night Of Songs That Stir The Heart

With Valentine’s Day coming, the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center has the ticket for lovers young and old.  It's called “Noche de Romance--Night of Romance.” Musician, Teacher and Mariachi performer Gino Rivera says these are songs that stir the heart.

"It's a night of great music. Of very romantic music. Which is why we included the different genres that we have," Rivera says.

The evening starts out with Latin soul and funk with Claudette Casiano.

"And also a trio from here--Trio Cantares de Mi Tierra, with Henry Gomez, who's also a Grammy-winning arranger for many Tejano musicians and Mariachi musicians. And, also Rhonda Garcia, solo artist, a six-time performer for the Hollywood Bowl as well. And ourselves--Mariachi Azteca de America. We've performed all over the states and in Africa and Spain as well."

Mariachi is a folk music, and many of the songs date back 50 to 100 years ago.

"As we hear and experience Mariachi music many people are taken back to when they were kids, or taken back to when they were around their grandparents or to their aunts or uncles. Or maybe some of them it takes them back to where they were born and raised," he says.

Some Mariachi is known for its vocal intensity.

"We're  12-member group and everyone has a voice and can sing in the group. You'll get a chance to hear and experience at least seven soloists," he says. 

Also performing on Friday night are Mariachi students of Rivera. A kind of musical pay-it-forward effort that he seems to treasure.

"I think that's what's the beauty of Mariachi music."

Find more on this event at here

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