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Musical Bridges Fills San Fernando With Music

courtesy the artist
Vadym Cholodenko

A local arts organization is bringing a world renown young pianist to San Antonio. They're called Musical Bridges Around the World, and they literally are trying to change that world.

"Yes, we are! Artists are idealists, right?" Anya Grokhovski laughed. She founded the organization 19 years ago.

"We do need great hospitals and great roads and great restaurants. But it is art that speaks to the essence of who we are. And we believe that art should be a part of everybody's life, and we make music and visual arts accessible to all in San Antonio," she says.

They regularly put on free concerts featuring outstanding, very diverse talents. This time around it's pianist Vadym Kholodenko, Gold Medal Winner of the 2013 Van Cliburn competition.

"We're truly honored to have him perform here, and again, we don't like to charge people so it's going to be free and open to the public, so come early," she says.

Seating is limited in San Fernando Cathedral so early arrivers get the best seats.

"And after concert there will be this always free reception to meet the artist."

The pianist is originally from the Ukraine, but was educated in Moscow.

"Unfortunately now, Russia and Ukraine not in the best relationship. And so by presenting Vadym, as a child of those two cultures, we want to show those two cultures in hopes that those conflicts can be resolved soon with the best outcome."

That Sunday, Oct. 30th, performance will reflect the idealistic hope that world conflicts can be moved toward resolution through artistic expression.

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