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Songwriters' Circle, Maya Moves On, A Cave Concert: Your Weekend's Here!

A Songwriters' Circle, a cave performance and a museum adventure--here's some fun for your holiday weekend. First off tonight, at the Japanese Tea Garden, something very cool.

"This is a rare occasion," says Tom Frost, III, and he's talking about the Songwriters' Circle.

"In this show we're going to have Terri Hendrix with Lloyd Maines, who backs her up, and then Luke Olson and myself, and we'll all trade songs."

An intimate acoustic performance in a truly wonderful place. Songwriters singing and telling the stories behind their songs. Frost thinks this kind of event really stands out. 

"To me it's just an in-the-moment experience where things happen that may not happen again. You'll get the synergies of these artists together that aren't normally together, and it'll create an energy that's unique for that moment."

Then, all weekend long at the Witte, Maya.

"We are sad it's closing--Maya was a phenomenal exhibition," says The Witte Museum's Jeff Goldblatt.

And on Saturday, they're doing something a little different.

"We're holding a PokeMaya Day. There'll be competitions, you can catch the fun, we'll be putting out lures. All kinds of family-friendly stuff.  You get to learn how to speak like the Maya, count like the Maya, live like the Maya," he says.

The closing day for the exhibit is Monday, and yes--they're open Labor Day. Then on Saturday night at the Cave Without a Name, 100 feet down the cave's rooms will ring with music. The trio Harpeth Rising fills the cave with music. Cellist Maria De Meglio thinks the place is a really special place to make music.

"I would equate it to a cathedral underground."

The visuals are astounding there, but the acoustics make it even more memorable.

"Believe it or not when you're down there and you're listening to the music, it's so clear."

As to Harpeth Rising themselves, their music is a unique and hard-to-categorize blend.

"We like to call ourselves Chamber Folk. "

It's one of their last gigs before a European Tour.  

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