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From Theater To '60s Rock To Political Humor: Your Weekend Is here!

From fun at the Guadalupe to political humor to Chubby Checker--the weekend is full of fun.  On Saturday Chubby Checker hits town. Here he explains why the dance he started, The Twist, captivated the country.

"I'm watching the girl, the girl's watching me and we're exploring our sexuality while being fully dressed. And it started with The Twist."

Unlike the dances before it, The Twist was the first dance step that was free-form. On Saturday, the '60s icon is bringing his show to the Tobin. He says it's really going to be something.

"We come to town. We light a fire, we burn it up and go home. That's what we do."

Then on Sunday, at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, first, a play.

"Abre Los Ojos, Mira Bien--it is a coming of age story that takes place in the '60s."

The Guadalupe's Marcie Martinez says the young girl's parents try to guide her but, "As she grows she definitely finds out her own identity."

After the play a band will play '60s era songs, and those who want to dance, can.

"We do have room for that on our wooden floor."

Also on Sunday: Capitol staffers threw a Christmas party way back in 1981.

"We decided we were going to put on a show and we were going to do songs, parodies about--at the time it was Ronald Reagan's first year in office. And we did a song about him called "Working 9 'til 10" 'cause he wasn't known for working real long."

Elaina Newport says the Capitol Steps stuck together and each new election season inspires new shows. This one features songs sung by Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Sunday they're at the Laurie Auditorium. 

"Basically, we're around 35 years later because no one told us to stop."

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