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Ambitious Little Park About To Grow

SoFlo's Chris Park is just less than an acre, but now it's about to get a little bigger.  First, here's the Linda Pace Foundation's Kelly O'Connor on its origins.

"Chris Park is a park in memory to Linda Pace's son, Chris Goldsbury.  A place where people could come and play with their children, bring their dogs on leashes, a place to experience joy."

So just over a decade ago they hauled away the flat asphalt  parking lot that was there and replaced it with hundreds of truckloads full of soil.  Several high berms muffle sounds of nearby traffic and allow for another function.

"There's quiet areas and more exciting areas, such as tumble hill, where children can come and play and tumble down the hill."

It's a private park, but not really.

"Right. We're probably the only privately-owned park in San Antonio, but we are open to the public."

Jon Ahrens designed the original bird-filled park, and is continuing a theme in the 7,500 square foot addition.

"We'll definitely have lots of nice landscaping and lawn areas for people to play and bring their pets and children."

Construction's begun, but nailing down when it will open isn't quite so easy due to one mitigating factor.

"Y'know the rain is...[it's] been a bit of a challenge to pin down an exact date, but I think we're looking at a July opening date."

The original park continues to be open during construction, 9 to 5 every day but Monday.

"It's definitely a hidden gem in San Antonio and we hope more people will come and enjoy the park."

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