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YOSA's Las Americas Concert: Rhythm Just Can't Be Beat

Youth Orchestras of San Antonio's next concert sounds like a spirited one. And in a word, the reason is percussion. 

"Percussion's a huge part of this music," says YOSA Music Director Troy Peters. "In fact we're going to have a dozen timpani at the front of the stage--these big kettle drums," said Peters. "More kettle drums than anybody has ever seen on stage at the Tobin Center. Playing a piece by Philip Glass."

Peters said Glass is one of the few musicians who are identifiable after hearing just a few seconds of their compositions. About Sunday's concert, including guest players, he says this:

"The Concerto Fantasy for Two Timpanists and Orchestra features Peter Flamm, who's the timpanist of the San Antonio Symphony, and Peter Wilson, who is the timpanist of the Colorado Music Festival."

This next YOSA concertis part of the Las Americas Festivaland the concert is a collaborative one.

"We're going to have the Guadalupe dance company onstage who will be dancing to Huapango, this wonderful Mexican dance piece, and also to an Argentine ballet called Estancia. Great rhythms, great energy, great costumes."

The kids from the Youth Orchestra have especially connected to the high-energy music selections.

"This concert is filled with music that's especially appealing to the musicians. It's fun to play all these dance rhythms. It's fun to connect to a groove. And from start to finish, this show is about groove."

YOSA's Danzas de las Americas takes the stage Sunday night at the Tobin.

"It's going to be a really exciting night for the audience, for sure."

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