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500 Years Of Muslim/Jewish Coexistence

Courtesy Photo
An item on display as part of the exhibit.

A new exhibit has a fascinating lineage. In 1492 Jews were expelled from Spain by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. 

"A group of them ended up in Turkey," says Judy Lackritz is with the Jewish Federation of San Antonio. "A year later Jews were expelled from Portugal."

And they made new lives for themselves in Turkey. Fast-forward to 2001--a combination of Turkish Jews and Muslims created a museum to celebrate the 500 years that they'd been living there.

"The museum has now created a series of photographs and art about this period of time. That's what we're going to show starting this Saturday, Jan. 23, and through Feb. 12."

That exhibition will be displayed at the Barshop Jewish Community Center. And the Jewish/Muslim origins theme continues here in San Antonio.

"We have joined with the Dialogue Institute here in San Antonio. They are a group of Turkish Muslims who have made all the arrangements to bring this exhibit over here and I believe it's starting in San Antonio."

The exhibit is slated to go elsewhere, too. On tap for the Saturday night opening is a distinguished speaker.

"We have Ori Sultes coming. He teaches Philosophy, Theology and Art History at Georgetown University. 3:15  I've heard him twice in San Antonio in the last 20 years and he's a fabulous lecturer."

Lackritz says to come to the free exhibit you don't have to be a member of a religion.

"It's open to anyone who would be interested in this subject."