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A Weekend of Flamenco, Birds And Music

The weekend's upon us and we've found fun for bird lovers, music lovers and those who love where music, food and dance come together. First off, how about having a Flamenco Friday? Here's Paula Sullivan talking about where you can do just that.

"Carmen's de la Calle is a global type restaurant which features live music."

Live Flamenco music and dance created right there in front of you.

"Yes, and it always includes a singer, a dancer, and a guitarist.  A lot of times there will be a percussionist that will also be playing a cajon."

Then on Saturday morning, you might just hit the road to Kerrville for a little nature.

"Our Christmas count was quite large. We had a lot of birds that were in early."

Jeannette Watson's talking about one of the Riverside Nature Center's bird walks. There's another one Saturday morning and she says the 9 a.m. event is good for the whole family.

"It's a great opportunity for families to introduce children to bird watching."

A knowledgeable birder will lead the walk, stopping to point out and, importantly, listen.

"Bring your binoculars and tennis shoes and all levels are welcome."

Also on Saturday at 2 p.m.--San Antonio Symphony cellists, violinists and others fan out around the city and play in libraries. Here's Viki Ash.

"Sometimes it's a bassoonist, sometimes it's an oboist, I think we even had a percussionist."

And they play free mini concerts for people who come to the libraries. They also have a lot of interchange with those who come to see them.  Here are the instrumentalists Ash says are playing this Saturday.

"Marisa Bushman, who plays the viola, will be at the Carver Branch. David Mollenauer, who plays the cello, will be at Encino, and Mary Ellen Goree, who plays the violin, will be at Westfall."

Ash says the objective is to get one musician at every branch over the next several months.

"Throughout January and February almost every weekend there's three."

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Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org and on Twitter at @JackMorganii