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The Playhouse Stages Musical Classic

The current Playhouse production makes a very big noise.  First, a clue on the production. I told Playhouse CEO Asia Ciaravino that my wife has a cousin named Marian…and she continued the sentence with a laugh.

“Who’s a Librarian!”

Marian the Librarian is one of the key players in the Playhouse production of  The Music Man. And while she's a key player, the 1957 Broadway hit actually centers around the character Harold Hill.

“And he is the basic con artist of the world. All of these characters now in television and film are based on the Harold Hill type.”

And so Hill plots to pull one over on this small town, making out like a bandit But there’s a problem: that librarian.

“People fall in love" says Ciaravino. Then adds "there’s amazing dance.”

The Music Man is noteworthy for a lot, perhaps most for its music, and of course the dance it inspires. Ciaravino continues.

“There’s some scat in it, there’s some very lyrical, beautiful love songs. This show has 48 cast members. It’s massive.  The choreography is brilliant; it’s a great show!”

A 13-member band will create the considerably large sound live in the orchestra pit.

"For 13 people this is a huge sound! It’s big. It’s a big sound.”

Music Man runs through November first except Halloween night. For more on The Music Man, go here