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Your Weekend Could Be A Work Of Art

Lots of things going on in South Texas this weekend. We can’t take you everywhere, but we've lassoed a few for you to consider. First, let’s head downtown to the BriscoeWestern Art Museum.  Photographer John Langmore talks about the exhibition of him and his father Bank’s photographs.

“This exhibition has, I guess arguably been 40 years in the making.  My father first photographed the Cowboy in 1975 and did a book on the American cowboy and actually had a big exhibition.”

Those pictures haven't been seen since that Witte Museum showing. Now Langmore has gone back to some of the same ranches and pictured some of the same cowboys his dad did decades ago. When spending time on the ranches shooting pictures, he tried to get the full picture of cowboy life.

“Their work, their time at home, in their time in town.”

The Cowboy Returns opens at the Briscoe on Saturday. Of note: his pictures are old school--shot on black and white film, then developed. Once you've taken in the new exhibit, head past Southtown to the Lone Star Arts District for 2nd Saturday. The Lone Star Arts Districtis a long one-block area on Lone Star Street between Flores and La Chapelle. Here's Julie Ledet on what's going on there for 2nd Saturday. 

"It’s just a really fun, grass roots effort to invigorate that community, and bring art back to the community.”

There are several established artists with studios there, and they open up their studios to allow other newer artists to display there.  

"This weekend there’s going to be a lot of great shows. There’s going to be a photo show by Rachel Banks, an artist from Dallas. There’s also going to be a show in Dock Space. It’s going to be Daniela Riojas.”

2nd Saturday is an evening thing when the temps have cooled down. There's a nearby restaurant for those wanting to make an evening out of it.

“The Art Walk typically starts at 7PM and closes down by 10PM.”

Then come Sunday, head to Fredericksburg to see an independent film. Amy Miskovsky is part of the Hill Country Film Society which puts on these films once a month.

“We have a Texas made feature by the name of Dancer, Texas, Population 81. The film will be screened in Fritztown Cinema in Fredericksburg.”

The Hill Country Film Society puts on a film festival, and tries to gin up interest in independent films from an area without a lot of outlets for that. If your pockets are a little empty on Sunday, not to worry.

“It is a free screening. We do accept donations for the Film Society. But it is a free event that we host monthly.”

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Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org and on Twitter at @JackMorganii