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High Energy 'Newsies' At The Majestic: Read All About It

Deen van Meer
Steve Blanchard center, Meredith Inglesby at right

Another Broadway hit has come to the Alamo City and I got to speak to a pair of its actors. It’s called Newsies, and here’s Steve Blanchard with a snapshot of its plot.

“It’s basically tracing the 1899 Newsboy strike.  My character, Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst both colluded to reduce the Newsboy salary by raising their price. It’s the ultimate David VS Goliath; it’s pretty fun.”

During my interview, a shrill, baby-like sound broke through. Steve's wife Meredith Inglesby explained.

“This is Wren. She’s our little two year-old girl.”

Meredith is also in Newsies.

“I’m the secretary onstage but I’m definitely the boss at home!” she laughed.

While Newsies is based on a real-life happening, it is Broadway, as Meredith explained.

"The dancing is actually Tony Award-winning. It is unbelievable. The acrobatics, the sheer athleticism of these guys. It’s…it’s something to behold every night.”

Blanchard’s favorite scene is when he—the villain—confronts Jack Kelly—the hero.

"It’s a very juicy scene. I enjoy it very much. It’s just…" Meredith jumped right in.

“It’s fun to be bad and get paid for it.” Steve agreed.

“Yes, it’s always fun to be bad and get paid for it!”

The music is also a big deal in Newsies, as Meredith explained.

"There’s a song called Once and For All.  The music is just sweeping and amazing and rocking and I sing it backstage, so it’s a lot of fun.”

Newsies started at the Majestic Theater on Tuesday, May 12. We’ve more here

Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org and on Twitter at @JackMorganii