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"Romeo And Juliet"--Something For Everyone

Patrick Dean
Amy Fote

The San Antonio Symphony and Ballet San Antonio team up for a production this weekend.  Ballet Mistress Amy Fote has high words of praise for both music and dance in the Romeo and Juliet production.

“The music stirs you, to begin with. But the choreography, it’s like liquid poetry.”

Fote says all who come should be able to enjoy this one.

"There’s a little something for everyone, which I love. For the men in the audiences watching there are the sword fights. There’s that aspect. For the ladies, I think they’re going to follow Juliet’s journey, and experience her first kiss, falling in love. And she makes some choices that are very bold for someone so young."

She adds that Romeo and Juliet showcases something you don’t always see in ballet: the acting.

“The acting is real.  It’s more like I want to say..." she searched for the words. "What you would see on TV. And it’s a little more relatable. Each scene it really projects the story forward. It’s not just dance for dance sake. Everything has meaning.”

We’ve more on the Tobin Center For the Performing Arts production of Romeo and Juliet here.