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The Last 5 Years: Music, Love And Time That Doesn't Stand Still

The Playhouse is showing a play with a very interesting construction.   It’s called "The Last 5 Years." Here’s its Director Chris Berry explaining it—read carefully.

“'Last 5 Years' follows the relationship of two characters—it’s a 2-person musical, from the infatuation stage and through their marriage, and then—spoiler alert—through their divorce.

But this is where it gets really interesting.

“You follow Kathy, from the end of the relationship to the beginning of the relationship. Meanwhile you’re seeing Jamie’s from the beginning of the relationship to the end of the relationship.”

To try and be sure I was following Chris, I asked "This is a 2-person play, only one person onstage at a time?”


“And their timelines are exactly opposite?”

“Exactly. It’s a really interesting show."

I noted that “It sounds like a really bizarre construction.”

“Yeah, it is. It is.”

In case you missed the "musical" reference above, keep in mind this is a musical, with a five-piece band providing accompaniment. The entire play is constructed of songs.

“It’s really unique, and it’s actually a brilliant show.”

What’s the play’s run?

“We still have three weekends left to catch the show. We have Friday and Saturday performances at 8PM, and Sunday performances at three. And I believe we are extending one more weekend after that." 

We’ve more on "The Last 5 Years" here.

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