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National Book Award Winner Speaks, CIA Cooks, You're Invited

A highly acclaimed author is coming to the Pearl Stable for a decidedly tasty literary event. He’s Bob Shacochis and his recently reissued book is called ‘Domesticity’a book of both prose and nifty recipes. But first — the event years ago which paved the way for that book.

GQ Magazine was looking for a new food columnist.”

The editor called him to say…

“…because the one we had got hit by a car and run over.”

You owe a major career change to someone getting hit by a car?

“I do; may he rest in peace.”

Shacochis then created a hugely successful and varied writing career. He was a finalist for the Pulitzer, won a National Book Award and many others. And the event Monday, Jan. 12, at the Pearl starts with that book, ‘Domesticity.’

“The Culinary Institute will be whipping up some of the recipes from ‘Domesticity,’ and serving them to the audience.”

Bob, his wife Barbara and Texas Monthly’s Food Editor, Patricia Sharpe, will provide entertainment and the Culinary Insitute will provide the food first created for his book.

“That’s great; I really look forward to it.”

We have more on the free event here.