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Artist Appealing To Her Better Nature

She was first trained as a biologist, so a local artist’s new exhibit clearly shows those scientific roots. Here she is at the Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, standing next to an interesting piece of art.

“We are standing next to a giant seaweed plant made out of various lettuce containers, and tomato containers, soda bottles.”

I interject that it makes a lot more sense than what that sounds like! She laughs. Margaret Craig’s ‘The Great Trash Reef” exhibit sounds, well, like a downer, but it’s not. It’s actually quite attractive.

“I tend to be a positive person. I always think that what we do, nature will always survive it, and overpower it if it can.”

You’re exhibiting a love of nature, but also some disgust at what we’re doing to it.

“There’s definitely that in there. I try to be a little bit humorous in my commentary, I mean, I think making sea creatures out of soda bottles is pretty funny, but whenever you can deliver a message with a little bit of humor it tends to go down a little better.”

There seem to be beautiful seaweed flowers throughout.

“They are actually melted kitty litter containers.”

Her exhibit opens with a reception on Friday.

"I’ll be around for the opening on Jan. 2, and there will also be a First Friday opening in February.”

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