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Have You Got The Music Or The Moves In You?

They’re one of the city’s quirkiest art institutions, and now they’re looking for something that you might have.  I spoke to their Artistic Director.

“We’re looking for drummers. We’re looking for dancers. We’re looking for talent.”

You probably know what Catherine Cisneros is describing—it’s Urban 15.

“We’re about to create the spectacle that people see during Fiesta, after Fiesta, before Fiesta!” she laughed.

Urban 15 is a well-known San Antonio institution, but if you're new here, they're a group that teaches music, movement and media. As to what most of us see though, it’s dozens of drummers and dancers moving to Afro-Cuban rhythms in wonderfully wild, lit-from within costumes.

“We’re looking for people with natural ability, or trained dancers.”

I noted to her the personal observation that "Y’know, whenever I’ve seen y’all perform it just looks like fun.”

“Oh, it’s a blast! We’ve sort of created a form of music and dance that interacts with the public.”

They do parades and performances in schools and elsewhere. Oftentimes they encourage the public to get up and dance with them. Before we finished speaking, she had this last emphatic pitch.

“If someone has been out there saying they want to do this and they’ve held back—stop holding back! Do what you need to do now! So come and dance with us, come and drum with us, come and make costumes with us. Just come.”

I’ve got details here.


Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org and on Twitter at @JackMorganii