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Art, Film, Theater, Dance, And Music: ArteFest Has It All

Texas Lutheran University is pulling out all stops to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos in Seguin. There’s a lot going on; I spoke to TLU Professor Shannon Ivey.

“ArteFest is a two day celebration of Dia De Los Muertos through Art, Film, Theater, Dance and Music.”

Regarding the music, they went for a heavy hitter.

“We have the good fortune of having Flaco Jimenez, who is a Grammy Award-winning artist, for two days.”

I noted that when the Rolling Stones need squeezebox, they go to Flaco.

“They do, they do go to Flaco! And we’re lucky enough to have him for two days in Seguin.”

ArteFest isn’t all just music though.

“We’ve got Mexican street food by Adrian Davila, and then there is the world premiere of “La Llorona” which is a Theater For Change short.”

I asked her to tell us about "La Llorona."

“She’s a folk tale of a woman who haunts the waterways, and she’s used to scare little children from going to the waterways alone."

They’ve constructed a kind of horror film short using these folk tales as a vehicle. And besides all that, there is dance.

“Yes, there is a pre-show before Flaco Jimenez. We’ve got Teatro de Arte by Juan Seguin doing traditional dances from Veracuz. Dr. Anna Maria Gonzalez is also doing a dance. And then we’ve got a poet, Pablo Miguel Martinez, who has submitted and so graciously given us one of his poems to perform.”

As to when this all happens, here are the details.

“The events on Saturday start at 5 p.m; we have a procession. There’s going to be a live body paint artist, and the show starts at seven. And then it starts at noon on Sunday.”

If you’re trying to stretch your dollars…

“It’s free.”

We’ve more on ArteFest here.