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Modern Art Meets Nature at the SA Botanical Center

It’s the program that takes modern art and puts it in a place you might not expect it. The program is at the San Antonio Botancial Center, and is called Art in the Garden.

"Art in the Garden is a wonderful collaboration with Blue Star Contemporary," says Bob Brackman, Executive Directs the Botanical Center. “It’s our way of showcasing wonderful contemporary Art in the canvas of the garden.”

It may at first glance seem an odd combination—modern art with nature—but not so says Brackman.

"It’s actually quite commo. A lot of my colleagues around the Botanical Garden world really utilize their horticultural canvas to showcase all kinds of sculptural pieces.  It allows both to stretch their audiences in a different way. So the art community can see art pieces in a botanical setting, which they’re not used to. And the opposite—a botanical garden community can see art pieces in the Garden, so it opens up their mind’s eye as well. We couldn’t be happier," Brackman adds.

Art in the Garden is a collaborative year long installation. Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum chooses an artist, then multiple works are carefully installed in the garden. This year’s artist is Chicagoan Richard

“A wonderful gentleman who’s been sculpting since the sixties," says Brackman.

Regarding Hunt’s pieces, he thinks they’re wonderful in any context, but more so at the Botanical Center’s.

"They’re beautiful in their own sculptural right, but we think in the venue of the botanical garden, they just shine like they’ve never shined,” says Brackman.

More on Art in the Garden is at http://www.sabot.org/.