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Ballet San Antonio Steps Away From The Barre And Into A Pop-Up Performance

Courtesy photo
Ballet San Antonio dancers.

Ballet San Antonio isn’t quite taking it to the streets, but they are close. They're doing what they call a "pop-up" performance.

“For us a pop-up performance is a spontaneous performance in a non-traditional venue," said Ballet San Antonio's President and Executive Director Courtney Barker.

They’re holding a near-spontaneous performance at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Radius building on Auditorium Circle downtown.

“We’re going to be doing various contemporary pieces to celebrate Contemporary Art Month," Barker said. "We’re going to be doing a fun tango piece and then we’re going to be ending the show with David Mollenaur and Carolyn True from the SOLI Chamber Ensemble who will be accompanying principle Sarah Paulz in the Dying Swan."

When I think of Ballet San Antonio, I don’t usually think tango.

“We do it all, and so that’s what we’re trying to let the community know is that ballet isn’t always about tutus and sugar plum fairies," Barker said.

I asked her what more to expect from Thursday’s pop-up performance.

"We will have wine, cocktails and food catered by Guillermos,” Barker said.

I asked her what all this would set people back who wanted to come, and was surprised by her answer.

"The pop-up performance is a free event," she said. "Donations are always appreciated, but it will be free of charge.”

I noted that events like this -- and next month's ballet in the park event--have a kind of guerilla marketing, flash mob vibe to them. Barker said that's not by accident.

“We’re constantly exploring different ways on how to reach out to the community, and get them excited about dance, and get them exposed to what Ballet San Antonio has to offer,” she said.

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