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Broadway's "Wicked" Takes Over The Majestic In March

The touring version of smash Broadway hit "Wicked" is playing the Majestic Theater in March. I caught up with one of its stars, Kathy Fitzgerald, who plays Madame Morrible in the Broadway touring company..

Her role is a decidedly evil one.

“Yeah, I’m not nice," Fitzgerald said. "I’m not nice."

In researching the story I read up on exactly what the play was about. It has got a rather twisted premise: That iconic American film "The Wizard of OZ" didn't do everyone justice.

“If you’ve seen the movie 'The Wizard of Oz' it’s like what happened before Dorothy popped in," Fitzgerald said. "I’m the evil one, I'm the one that causes all the trouble and the Wizard doesn’t turn out to be such a friendly guy after all."

"Wicked" is the stage adaptation of the novel "Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West" and it turns "The Wizard of Oz" on its ear.

"So it’s really the story of the two witches -- Glinda the Good and Elphaba -- and the difference between good and evil, like what we really think evil is doesn’t necessarily turn out to be so," she said. "And the story of friendship between the two girls."

So is it true what they say: Are the evil parts are the most fun to play?

“You’re absolutely right," Fitzgerald said. "It’s like, delicious! It’s just so fun to be this bad!"

"Wicked" is a musical, and it dominates the Majestic’s March schedule, running from March 12-30.  Expect to see your Facebook feed full of people’s pictures of their "wicked" night out.

"It’s a wicked good time," Fitgerald siad with a laugh.

She said she’s having the time of her live, but she hasn't always been so lucky.

"I’ve been in flops on Broadway and I’ve been in hits, and this is a hit" Fitzgerald said. "It’s so lovely having an audience scream and stand up every night. I mean, people just really love this show because the story’s so good. As an actor it’s just delicious being in a hit."

Watch the Broadway cast sing "Defying Gravity":