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A Magik Night For 'The Best Christmas Pageant Ever'

The Magik Theatre
"The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" at the Magik Theatre runs through December 21.

The Magik Theatre begins its holiday season with a program they’ve done before. It’s called "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever," a kind of morality tale pitting the bad kids against the good kids.

"It’s really a comedy, but eventually you realize it’s a comedy with a heart," said the Magik Theatre's Marketing Director Aimee Stead.

"These children, through this pageant and through this experience, learn a lot about generosity, love, and really seeing the good in other kids," Stead said.

Becky King has the pleasure of playing one of the bad kids from the Herdman family.

"They decide they’re going to be a part of this pageant so they can stick around the church and take advantage of all the good free stuff," Stead said.

It’s one of those play-within-a-play productions about a pageant being put on, in this case, starring the "bad" kids. The play’s producer announces the production and the Herdman's volunteer to be the stars.

Stead also said there’s an elf of sorts associated with this production.

"We are asking the community, when they come to the show, to bring a new toy for a needy child out there as part of the Elf Louise Project," she said. "We figure this is a wonderful show about kids that learn about generosity, and kids in need, so what a perfect partnership."

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