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Ana Cervantes: Musical Midwife

Part II describes Ana's current project, “Canto de la Monarca: Mujeres de Mexico (Song of the Monarch: Women of Mexico).”

Critics consider Ana Cervantes –daughter of a Nebraska (USA) mother and a Mexican father– “a physical, emotional performer, with extraordinary touch and mastery of tone and colour”; an artist of “commanding intensity,” “great interpretive qualities and enormous passion”.

Her special ability to function as interlocutor between cultures, her charismatic stage presence and imaginative programming which embraces both contemporary and traditional repertoires, have earned her the accolade “ambassadress for the music of Mexico”.

Ana has produced 4 CDs, including “Amor de la Danza”, “Agua y Piedra”, “Rumor de Paramo”, and “Solo Rumores”. She is currently in the midst of another 2 disc project, called “Canto de la Monarca: Mujeres de Mexico (Song of the Monarch: Women of Mexico).”

I recently spoke to Ana about her several major commissioning projects. We also talked about the process of turning those “ink blotches on the page” into a musical interpretation which is true to the score but also to her own artistic vision.

"Canto de la Monarca" will be released this Fall. In the meanwhile, here is a video of a performance by Ana of one of the Monarca commissions, music by the Brazilian composer Silvia Berg.

Ana Cervantes interpreta Silvia Berg: