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Artist Tee Shirt Contest

2017 Winning Design by Jonathan Stovall

Do you doodle in your downtime?

Paint while pondering?

Sketch in stolen moments?

Or perhaps you make your living as an artist manifesting murals in metropolitan galleries?


If you create visual works of art, we want you to design TPR’s next tee shirt!

The theme of this year's contest is "People-Powered Radio."

The winning artist’s work will be printed on 1000 shirts to be used as thank you gifts to contributing TPR members. Your design will be promoted online, through social media and throughout our on-air fundraising campaign.

This shirt will serve as a marketing piece for Texas Public Radio, so make sure it includes our name! Also throw in our website, TPR.org. All other criteria for entry can be found in the rules below.

You have greatness bursting inside you ready to come out on the canvas, and TPR can be the platform you use to announce that you have arrived! So brandish your brushes, sharpen your pencils, grind your graphite and get ready to be the next great thing in the South Texas art scene.

Thank you and good luck!

Submit your entry here