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Brother-Sister Team Teach Other Kids About Stocks, Finance


How much do you know about stocks and finance? Well, a brother-and-sister duo in Baltimore, they know a lot.


KALI AND SPIRIT RAHMAN: What is up, guys?

SPIRIT RAHMAN: We are the Stock Up Kids. This is my brother Kali.

KALI RAHMAN: And this is my sister Spirit.

SPIRIT: And today we're going to be talking about how to write a business plan.


Spirit and Kali Rahman are 11 and 13 years old.


SPIRIT: Many shares are sold on the Wall Street floor by sellers of companies selling parts of ownership in their company.

KALI: So you're telling me I can be an owner of a company?

SPIRIT: Absolutely.

MARTIN: They teach financial literacy in the stock market through paid courses, speaking engagements and a YouTube channel.

DETROW: They started investing young, like, yeah, even younger than they are now.

SPIRIT: I was 7 years old.

KALI: And I was 9 years old.

SPIRIT: What made us like it is that we got money and it was super fun doing it together. A brother-and-sister team is super fun, too.

DETROW: You know, soon they realized they knew more about all of this than most adults, so they started teaching it.

SPIRIT: We don't want people to struggle with their money, and so we want them to use money well.

MARTIN: Their parents, Gary and Callie Rahman, said their kids became entrepreneurs organically. Here's Gary.

GARY RAHMAN: We're super proud of them. And, you know, just being - the wealth gap when it comes to Blacks and Hispanics is so big that we really wanted to just come up with something that could narrow that in the long run.

DETROW: Spirit and Kali say it feels good to empower people.

KALI: I just want people to grow generational wealth so that they don't have to struggle in the future. It's something that you can teach your kids and your kids can teach their kids, stuff like that.

DETROW: I just want to know what they made of GameStop.

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