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Céline Dion Is Too Good For Deadpool

You know what, honestly? God bless Céline Dion. She's got serious style, Drake's thirst, a Vegas residency that won't quit, and a willingness to be game for just about anything these days — but with discerning class. No matter what you think of her music, her voice and her heart is always turned to 11, with just a little bit of a wink.

Dion has offered her pipes for soundtracks beyond Titanic, but has it really been 21 years since the Canadian queen of power ballads belted "My Heart Will Go On"? (You are now cursing my name for even mentioning it. I'll never let go.) Did you even know she was on the Quest for Camelot soundtrack, let alone remember that movie? Come on — no, you don't. It's time, apparently, for Céline Marie Claudette Dion to re-enter the cinemascape, and it might as well be for a homicidal cut-up super-anti-hero who breaks the fourth wall every other scene.

So here it is: "Ashes," from the Deadpool 2 soundtrack, and guess what? It kind of slaps! You know, if a Céline Dion ballad could slap. Deadpool himself wrote to Dion asking if she would like to be part of his "masterpiece" and, perhaps recognizing the innate Internet gold it would uncover, and gave us the refrain, "Can beauty come out of ashes?" If I wasn't so sure it was the blood of his enemies, I'd say the liquid seeping from Deadpool's mask was tears.

Ryan Reynolds himself shows up in the music video to strut his stuff in high heels to the string-swept schmaltz. (Or at least a body double does during the dramatic interpretative dance.) It's ridiculous, it's awesome, and I'll probably watch Deadpool 2 at least twice in theaters.

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