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NPR One Redesigned For Windows 10

Screenshot: NPR One for Windows 10.

In July, Microsoft released the newest version of their Windows operating system – Windows 10. Today, we're excited to announce our entirely redesigned NPR One app, built specifically for this new platform. We'd like to share some of the innovative changes this updated app, and operating system, will bring to your local station and NPR experience.

One of the hallmark features of Windows 10 is the ability for users to use the same app across any device running Windows 10 – whether that's a phone, tablet, or computer. This new feature is called Universal Windows Platform (UWP), and what it means for you is you'll now be able to use the same NPR One app on any Windows 10 device.

With this update, we've also introduced a large-screen experience- bringing rich and engaging story images into the app where there were none before. To see this experience, open the app and enlarge the height to anything above 8 inches and we'll show you that content's image as it plays. Thumbnails of these images will also appear in your history to help you quickly identify the stories you've listened to.

Screenshot: NPR One for Windows 10.
Ariel Zambelich / NPR

We heard lots of great feedback about how you use search, so we're making it even better by adding the ability to search for specific public radio podcasts and programs, too. Based on the content you search for and play, we'll continue to suggest new pieces we think you'll like.

Finally, this new NPR One experience is built with deep integration with Microsoft's virtual assistant – Cortana. So whether you're looking for a story while out for a run or you're looking to catch up on the news over a cup of coffee, Cortana can help you quickly jump into local and national public radio content in NPR One – all without typing a single word.

NPR One for Windows 10 is available now for desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Download it today.

Ben Schein is a Product Manager with NPR Digital Media, overseeing mobile products including NPR News, NPR News for iPad, and NPR One for Windows.

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