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Coming Soon To Texas: More Guns In Public

A woman wears her handgun in a holster. (weaverphoto/Flickr)
A woman wears her handgun in a holster. (weaverphoto/Flickr)

Texas is already known as a gun-friendly state, and a couple of new bills just passed by the legislature will make it even easier to carry guns in there.

It’s already legal for Texans to carry long guns in public, but soon that right will be extended to handguns as well. Anyone with a concealed-carry permit will be allowed to wear a holstered handgun in public places.

The legislature also moved to allow college students and staff to carry concealed weapons on public universities. The move comes with some limitations: Only students age 21 and over will be covered, and a last-minute compromise gave university presidents the right to create some gun-free zones.

Ben Philpott of KUT in Austin joins Here & Now’s Robin Young with details.


  • Ben Philpott, senior political reporter, covering politics and policy for KUT in Austin, part of the Here & Now Contributors Network. He tweets @BenPhilpottKUT.

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