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Be Thankful This Year For The San Antonio Spurs

Tim Duncan
Ashley Landis
Tim Duncan

Has there ever been a team in any sport in the United States that everybody loves as much as the San Antonio Spurs? Sure, there have been popular teams — the Yankees, the Dodgers, the Cowboys when they were America's team and not Jerry Jones' team, Notre Dame — but all those teams engendered almost as much hate as love.

But everybodyloves the Spurs. You love the Spurs. I love the Spurs. Have you ever heard anyone criticize the Spurs? No! The good feeling about our Spurs — and, yes, they are ourSpurs — is because they are certified to do everything right. The players are all gentlemen. They are never selfish. They play like a team. They win. Our Spurs are not greedy. They are nonpartisan. If only our Spurs were Congress. They pass the ball and play defense.

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Frank Deford died on Sunday, May 28, at his home in Florida. Remembrances of Frank's life and work can be found in All Things Considered, Morning Edition, and on NPR.org.