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City Providing Low-Cost Microchipping For Pets

Eileen Pace
TPR News

The city has initiated a push today to microchip pets.

It is the equivalent of a dog’s wallet or a cat’s purse. The microchip technology identifies each animal with its name, pet owner, address and phone number so it can be returned in case its gets lost in the future.

The microchip is inserted under the animal’s skin with an injection that takes a couple of seconds.  It is permanent, and the information can be updated if the owner changes address or other information. If the animal finds its way to another human, they can take it to most veterinarians and animal shelters to read the microchip and call the owner.

Hundreds of animals are lost every year, and many are euthanized when the owner can’t be found. The San Antonio Humane Society said only 14 percent of dogs and cats are returned to their homes once they reach a shelter.

For its “Microchip Mania” event, the city is offering $5 microchips today. That’s a fraction of the regular price charged by most animal facilities in San Antonio.

The microchipping event is today until 7 p.m only at the city’s Animal Care Services facility on State Hwy. 151.