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World's Cutest Bat, Best Song

Silver-haired bats are natural loners.
Bill Chappell and Wright Bryan
Silver-haired bats are natural loners.

Today our blog, we're featuring video of the world's cutest bat, a tiny creature with a cowlick that's taken residence in a Washington, D.C., wall.

Special thanks to Tennessee Valley Authority biologist Hill Henry, who identified it as a silver-haired bat. Henry says it's probably just taking a break from its southward migration. Listeners have wondered whether the bat might be injured or sick, but Hill says it's more likely just taking advantage of warm weather and city insects and will fare best if everyone just leaves it alone.

And listener Will Gerhardt makes a bid for Marnie Stern's "Every Single Line Means Something" as the Best Song in the World Today. Gerhardt argues, beautifully, that Stern's song tells us something about being human in this world, today, right now.

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