Fronteras: 'The Other Side of the Alamo' & A Conversation With Azul Barrientos | Texas Public Radio

Fronteras: 'The Other Side of the Alamo' & A Conversation With Azul Barrientos

Sep 28, 2018

A San Antonio art exhibit deconstructs the "myth of the Alamo" to provide the point of view of Mexican, African-American and indigenous populations. We talk to art historian Ruben Cordova (0:17). Then, musician Azul Barrientos celebrates traditional Latin music in her new album “Nuestro Corazón” (11:32).

Rolando Briseño stands next to "Spinning San Antonio de Valero," a.k.a. "Upside Down Saint Anthony." painted Styrofoam on a processional base (2009).
Credit Contributed photo / Galería Guadalupe

The Alamo: ‘The Cradle of Texas Slavery'

When remembering the Alamo,  what do you remember? Is it Davy Crockett, William Travis, James Bowie, and the others who died defending the Alamo from Santa Anna’s army in 1836?

Some of the indigenous and Mexican populations of San Antonio remember the Alamo differently.

Art historian Ruben Cordova is the curator of the exhibit “The Other Side of the Alamo: Art Against the Myth.” It’s on display at San Antonio’s Galería Guadalupe. It seeks to debunk the Alamo myth by exploring and exposing the racism, colonialism, and slavery that were commonplace at the time. Texas Public Radio’s Jack Morgan spoke with Cordova when the exhibit opened in February.


Azul Barrientos
Credit Josh Huskin / Contributed photo

Azul Barrientos’ “Nuestro Corazón” Celebrates Latinidad

Azul Barrientos is a singer and musician who is keeping Mexican musical traditions alive.  Born in Mexico City, she makes her home in San Antonio, where she is artist in residence at the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center, a grassroots arts and cultural organization located on San Antonio’s predominantly Hispanic west side.

FRONTERAS EXTRASan Antonio Musician Azul Barrientos

Not one to simply perform traditional Mexican songs, Barrientos has explored many genres of Latin-inspired music in her new album, “Nuestro Corazón (Our Heart).”

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