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State Funding Could Help To Remember The Alamo

Virginia Alvino
Texas Public Radio News

State and local officials gathered Wednesday at the Alamo to highlight state funding allocated to preserve and develop the historic site. 

The Texas legislature approved $31.5 million this year for improvements to the Alamo.

How will it be spent?

Most of that answer is still up in the air, according to state Sen.  José Menéndez.

“Everything’s open," says Menéndez. "I mean, there’s possibilities of buying, possibilities of expanding. We shouldn’t limit ourselves by what we have today.” 

Menéndez says he wants future developments to represent history in an authentic way, and represent all groups of people who lived and fought at the Alamo. 

The master plan being developed will likely include improvements to the structure’s facade, and a museum to house thousands of artifacts currently in storage.

Musician Phil Collins donated $100 million in relics last year. They included a rifle owned by Davy Crockett, and a Bowie knife carried by Jim Bowie during the 1836 battle where Santa Anna’s soldiers defeated Texas settlers.

Sen. Menéndez says there’s not yet a timeline for the project.