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Fronteras: Border Citizens Protest Trump’s Election While His Supporters Cheer

Matthew Bowler
A protester in San Diego holds a sign with Donald Trump's name crossed out.

This week on Fronteras:   

  • On the border, immigrants and other people of color afraid of what a Donald Trump presidency will bring, rally against his election.
  • Trump supporters cheer because they see change coming to Washington.
  • Students watching the election had a lot of questions for their teachers about what’s next.
  • The impact Trump’s presidency could have in Texas from the perspectives of a Democrat and a Republican.
  • The fight over harmful plants invading Texas.

Border Residents Rally Against Trump’s Election

It was a shocking upset all around the world - Billionaire businessman Donald Trump’s victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Fear of what Trump’s presidency could bring has prompted protest rallies across the country.  Jean Guerrero of KPBS has reaction near the border in San Diego.

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Elated New Mexico Trump Supporters Expect Great Change

New Mexico was a state Clinton won but Trump did get      of the vote there.  Those who voted for winner have no fear or dread.  They are ready for change and believe the president-elect will make a positive difference in their lives.  KUNM’s Ed Williams reports from Albuquerque.

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Concerned Students Want To Know What’s Next

It’s probably safe to say teachers across the country got a lot of questions from students about the election results and what happens next.  KUT’s Kate McGee reports on how one school talked about the news.

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A Democrat And A Republican Weigh Impact Of Trump Presidency

During his presidential campaign Donald Trump promised to get rid of a number of President Obama’s initiatives.  So, if President Trump follows through, how might Texans be affected?  TPR’s Shelley Kofler talked with two political consultants – a Democrat and a Republican -who agree the impact could be significant.  Though they don’t always agree on whether that would leave us in better or worse shape.

Texas Fights Growing Battle Over Invasive Plants

Now the tale of an invasion that’s gradually overtaking the state of Texas.  It’s regarding different plant species and how they affect our environment.  One in particular, experts say, makes it easier for people to cross the border.  KUT’s Mose Buchelle has the story of how people are fighting to get these plants under control.

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Joey Palacios can be reached atJoey@TPR.org and on Twitter at @Joeycules