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Blocking SXSW Tweets Can Help Mute The Noise From Austin


Even if you're not at South by Southwest, it still may be impossible to avoid reading about it on Twitter if you have friends there. But there are ways to mute those tweets.

So we turn to Dylan Tweney, a tweet connoisseur, for some advice.

DYLAN TWENEY: But it does have a tool called TweetDeck, which can filter out any keyword that you want. Download TweetDeck and then once you've set it up with your Twitter account, go into preferences and click on the global filter tab. And what you can do there is you can filter out any text you want. So put in the letters SXSW and bam, it'll show you all the tweets that you'd ordinarily see, except anything mentioning South by Southwest.

CORNISH: Helpful advice from Dylan Tweney of the business tech site venturebeat.com. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.