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Feeling Anxious? You're Not Alone

Jul 15, 2018

People in the United States say they're more anxious this year than in 2017, according to The American Psychiatric Association's latest public opinion poll

Touching on topics from paying bills to the impact of politics on daily life, the APA surveyed 1,000 adults by age group and asked for assessments on personal health, family safety and community relationships. 

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health illness in the country, according the Anxiety and Depression Association of America

The condition refers to feelings of worry, apprehension or fear leading to temporary physical reactions like shortness of breath, sweating and stomach pains.

There are normal bodily responses to stress, but excessive anxiety can cause long-term behavioral and debilitating conditions like insomnia, muscle tension or panic attacks. 

At least 40 million in the U.S. adults experience anxiety and an estimated 37 percent of those affected go untreated. Patients can be diagnosed within a range of anxiety-related disorders including phobias, PTSD and, more broadly, generalized anxiety disorder.

Anxiety can present in youth and carry on through adulthood, leading to many questions for parents and educators. What is at the root of anxiety and how can young children and teenagers cope?

Everyone worries sometimes and we all experience stress, but when does anxiety become excessive? What are the options for treatment and where can those resources be found in San Antonio? 


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