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Border & Immigration

Business Organizations Petition Congress For Immigration Reform

Richard Morgan

Immigration reform may be on the back burner in congress since the end of the shutdown, but the Texas Association of Business, along with other organizations, are urging members of congress to pass an immigration compromise for the sake of the economy.

On Capitol Hill more than 600 people from business, law enforcement, and evangelical organizations nationwide are asking for a sensible path to citizenship so skilled workers can obtain employment.

President of the Texas Business Association Bill Hammond said people in the country on student visas, especially those in STEM fields, would greatly benefit the U.S. economy if they stay.

"We allow them to come to get educated, we subsidize the cost of their education and then we tell them they have to go home," Hammond said.

The National Foundation for American Policy said upwards of 70 percent of STEM grad students are foreign nationals. Hammond added that there are not enough people in the U.S. that are willing to take jobs in construction, agriculture and hospitality.

Among their requests, the association is asking for a path to citizenship be created for unskilled workers, a quicker immigration process for graduates, and an effective e-verify system.